On this page, we would like to show you our loading procedure, to make sure you know exactly what happens with your products as soon as you have ordered them from NiranBio. The loading procedure is an important part of the process when it comes to guaranteeing the quality of the products. Through years of experience, we have discovered the most optimized loading procedure, so that our products are always protected against damage such as damp or moist.
Our loading personnel is clearly instructed with our loading requirements. First and foremost, they make sure the product is completely cooled off before packing, by stalling it for at least five days in the warehouse. Only after five days, the products are packed and the loading procedure can begin.
Our loading personnel thoroughly inspects the empty container, especially the roof and walls, to make sure small it is properly sealed. In case it is not, the container is sent back for repair and a new container is used.
Subsequently, they tape the four small vents on each corner, and cover the container floor and the walls with cardboard (or plastic).
Then they insert 7-8 kg bags of moisture absorbers throughout the empty container, and especially at the top of the container near the door.
When you have chosen to load your products on pallets, every pallet is sealed separately. We want to make sure there is no possibility whatsoever moist or damp occurs during shipment.
Once the container is loaded with your products, they are sealed again with a plastic sheet. The container then can be sent to the cargo vessel, where NiranBio always opts to place its containers at the bottom of the deck to avoid sun exposure.
As you can see, we do everything that is possible to protect your products during shipment. In case something happens with the freight, in spite of all our precautionary measures, we take care of it if you opted for CIF shipment. Part of our CIF service is guaranteeing the products arrive at your destination port in perfect state, so we take full financial responsibility might there occur a problem with the freight.
Because Niran BioChemical Limited truly is you most reliable food additives and chemicals provider.