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Global and Chinese Xanthan Gum Market Status, Industry Obstacles and Development Analysis

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Due to the wide application of microbial polysaccharides in additives, food, industry, etc., it has gradually entered the public's field of vision, and in recent years, various new microbial polysaccharides have continued to appear, which has affected the industry's competitive landscape. Xanthan gum is widely used in the world One of the types of microbial polysaccharides recognized and applied, in this market environment, its market share has not shrunk, but has increasingly shown extraordinary development potential, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign enterprises, and its production capacity has rapidly increased in the process The expansion has gradually formed a scale, but on the other hand, due to factors such as the epidemic and changes in the industrial environment, it has had a certain impact on the development of the xanthan gum industry. This article cites a report in March 2021, from xanthan gum In-depth analysis of raw rubber market conditions, industry obstacles and development.

Overview of Xanthan Gum Market Status

1. Product introduction of xanthan gum

Xanthan gum is a microbial polysaccharide produced by fermentation technology. It has properties such as water solubility, heat, acid-base stability, and salt compatibility. Based on these properties, xanthan gum has a wide range of uses. It can be used in suspending agent, stabilizer, food processing ingredient, petroleum industry, etc.

2. Market conditions

Xanthan gum is currently one of the largest and most widely used microbial polysaccharides in the world. It is pointed out in the report that the effective production capacity of xanthan gum in the world has reached more than 290,000 tons in 2020, and the sales volume of xanthan gum in the world in 2020 will increase by 4.5% compared with 2019; Fung Group's xanthan gum production capacity continued to decrease, and the global xanthan gum production capacity dropped by 6.52%. From 2015 to 2020, China has remained the largest producer of xanthan gum. In 2020, the production capacity will be around 180,000 tons, accounting for 61% of the global market. my country's xanthan gum production enterprises are in a leading position in the world.

Obstacle Factors of Xanthan Gum Industry

1. The downturn in the development of the oil industry

Due to factors such as the epidemic dragging down the development of the petroleum industry, xanthan gum, as one of the raw materials for petroleum, has been affected to a certain extent, and the reduction in demand has led to a decline in its price.

2. Impact on production capacity of major xanthan gum producers

China's domestic Fufeng Group is the main producer of xanthan gum in the world. Due to the decline in demand for xanthan gum and the need for industrial development under the background of the epidemic, Fufeng Group has adjusted its production structure, taking into account production while producing xanthan gum Other products such as amino acids, which to a certain extent led to a decline in xanthan gum production capacity.

3. Future development of xanthan gum industry

In recent years, the economic prosperity of developing countries, especially the BRIC countries and Saudi Arabia, has led to the rapid growth of the food and beverage industry, which will become the main driving factor for the global demand for food-grade xanthan gum. In recent years, as people have begun to raise the demand for gluten-free foods, food additives such as xanthan gum will gradually be favored by more consumers. Data show that food-grade xanthan gum will account for more than 46% of the global market in 2020. It also proves the market development potential of food grade xanthan gum.

Due to the unique molecular structure and properties of xanthan gum, it has a wide range of uses. For example, in the medical industry and the beauty industry, because the molecular structure of xanthan gum contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, the hydrophilic groups have surface activity. This allows it to be used in cosmetics to increase the antioxidant function of cosmetics; in addition, xanthan gum is also water-soluble, can form a high-density water film, and has the effect of preventing skin infections. , Xanthan gum has broad development prospects in many industries.

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