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Application of Gycine

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Food grade glycine


1. Used as flavoring agent, sweetener, used in alcoholic beverages with DL-alanine, citric acid, etc.; used as sourness corrector and buffering agent when synthesizing sake and fine feed; in pickling, pickles, Sweet sauce, soy sauce, vinegar and fruit juice are used as additives to improve the food flavor, taste, maintain the original taste, provide sweetness source, etc.;

2. Used as a preservative for surimi products, peanut butter, etc., can inhibit the reproduction of Bacillus subtilis and E. coli;

3. Utilize its own amino and carboxyl groups to buffer the taste of salt and vinegar;

4. Used as a food attractant (attractant) in feed additives;

5. Food brewing, meat processing and refreshing beverage formula and saccharin sodium debittering agent;

6. Used as a stabilizer for cream, cheese, margarine, instant noodles, wheat flour and lard, etc.;

7. Used to stabilize vitamin C in food processing;

8. 10% of MSG is glycine;

9. It can be used as a preservative and plays an important anti-corrosion effect.



Pharmaceutical grade glycine


1. Used as a medicine for the research of medical microorganisms and biochemical amino acid metabolism;

2. Used as a chlortetracycline buffer, anti-Parkinson's disease drug L-dopa, vitamin B6, and threonine and other amino acids synthetic raw materials; 3. Used as an amino acid nutritional infusion;

4. Used as a raw material for cephalosporins; thiamphenicol intermediates; synthetic imidazole acetic acid intermediates, etc.;

5. Used as a raw material for cosmetics.


Feed grade glycine


It is mainly used as an additive and attractant to increase amino acids in feeds for poultry, livestock and poultry, especially pets. Used as a hydrolyzed protein additive, as a synergist of hydrolyzed protein.


Industrial grade glycine


Used as a pesticide intermediate, such as the main raw material for the herbicide glyphosate; electroplating bath additive; PH adjustment.

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