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Beginners guide: Alcohol

I bet you must have heard our product Alcohol.
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In its production, we exclusively use Ethanol which passed all quality inspections. It differs in size, color and type. The design of Alcohol is up to standard and can meet different needs. The latest best choice to inactivate viruses improves the quality of Alcohol. On the strength of high quality source directly from factory, Alcohol has the feature of safeguard you from coronavirus. It has come into a wider use in many fields including disinfection. All the products have received the qualification of FCC. We can customize a product perfectly in accordance with your requirements. If you have the intention of buying it, you are free to contact us.

Niran Biochemical Limited holds a leading position in the Food ingredients and Chemicals industry. Niranbio devotes 17 years years to developing and producing superb food ingredients and chemicals as well as offering professional customer service. Our customers are located in China. Niranbio covers a wide range of product series including Chemicals. Prevent coronavirus

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