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Do you know Allulose ?

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Allulose is a low-calorie rare sugar, that delivers the taste, texture and enjoyment of sucrose but offers 90% fewer calories with no sugar. It is approximately 70% as sweet as sucrose. This similarity enables food and beverage manufacturers to make great-tasting products with fewer calories using Allulose.


Allulose is recognized as GRAS by the US FDA and can be found naturally in wheat, figs, raisins and jackfruit.


In the USA, Allulose is not counted as part of total and added sugars.It is not metabolized by the body and therefore does not increase blood glucose or insulin levels.


Allulose is highly soluble and similar to sucrose as its solubility increases with temperature.


Also , Allulose have 2 types as powder and Liquid for different application use.

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