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Does Niran BioChemical provide EXW for tri-sodium citrate ?
Please clarify the differences between each pricing and contact Niran BioChemical Limited to ensure which price is required. When tri-sodium citrate is priced at EXW level, we are only responsible for packaging the goods and providing the goods at designated locations (such as warehouses). If the goods are shipped by air, EXW pricing may be better than other pricing.

Niran BioChemical occupies the majority of the flavour enhancer marketplace using its exceptional quality and expert support. Niran BioChemical focuses on providing a variety of flavour enhancer for customers. The product is energy-efficient. It has the Energy Star label which is the mark of energy certification, which means that it will not consume too much energy. It carries all the labels and certificates required for export. Niran BioChemical has perfect quality insurance system, powerful research & develop ability for feed additives. It is able to enhance the texture of foods.

Our company is working hard to reduce the impact of our activities and of our products on future generations. We make full use of the sourced resources during the production and extend the products' life. By doing this, we have confidence in building a clean and pollution-free environment for the next generations. Inquire now!
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