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Effect of sodium tripolyphosphate on product quality and shelf life stability

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Sodium tripolyphosphate is a white powder, soluble in water, aqueous solution is also alkaline, in the food production process, the reasonable addition of food additive sodium tripolyphosphate, to ensure and improve the quality of food has a positive effect, can improve its color, aroma, taste and other sensory indicators. The food additive sodium tripolyphosphate can also improve the nutritional value of food, which is of great significance in promoting nutritional balance and preventing malnutrition. Its biggest feature is stickiness, can prevent meat products from discoloration and dispersion, there is also emulsification of fat, meat products with sodium tripolyphosphate are added, less moisture loss after heating, soft and tender meat is easy to slice, and the cut surface is shiny.

As a food additive, it is not only used in meat preservation, but also can be used for meat products, aquatic products, dairy products, fruit juice drinks, etc. as water retention agents and quality improvers; Used for ham and steak to make the meat tender and smooth, improve the taste; Used for seafood, river fresh weight preservation; Antioxidants for juice drinks, extended shelf life; It is used in dairy products to prevent agglutination when milk is heated and prevent the separation of milk proteins from fat moisture. In addition, it can also be used in the industrial field such as water softeners and thickeners. In the food industry or industrial sector, sodium tripolyphosphate is also generally configured as a solution.

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