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David Hsu



As one of the first entrepreneurs to enter the industry of Citric Acid. Citric Acid accounted for a large portion of my sales in the very beginning and it brought Niranbio a lot of loyal customers nowadays. I’m committed in the international market for food ingredients for years, it pains me to hear that anyone has had a negative experience with our products and service, but no any improved action. So I thought of the concept to found Niranbio in the industry, just for “Working for your benefits, Caring for your health”.
“The reason why Niranbio is still developing in a down-to-earth manner, is the trust from customers. “

Our existence is built on quality and reliability. We insist on maintaining high ethical standards and treating our customers with respect. Our ultimate promise is “same price better quality, same quality better price”.


Over the past 16 years, I really appreciated our dedicated team of employees, we are a big family, who carefully reviewed our service based on our own experience and customer feedback, to make sure that it meets our highest standards prior to release.As with everything we do, working in such close collaboration with our customers, we have been able to create many successful cooperation, and are looking forward to an exciting future for the organisation.

We care about taking every effort possible to produced in reliable quality & competitive price and ensure every step in the process of oders smooth. That said, what matters most to us is your trust and confidence. We’re passionate about living up to your expectations as much as our own.

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