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How about sales of fructooligosaccharides of Niran BioChemical?
The sales of fructooligosaccharides of Niran BioChemical Limited is not always impressive at the early stage of the promotion. After investigation, we come to realize that the product has a higher price compared to other suchlike. Then we started to change the marketing strategy, emphasizing the functionality and high cost-efficiency of the product. By comparing with other products and highlighting the advantages, customers become more interested in our product and the sales start to surge. Now, our product receives high popularity in the markets.

Niran BioChemical is regarded as a specialist in the antioxidants powder field. Niran BioChemical focuses on providing a variety of natural sweeteners for customers. The raw materials of Niran animal feed additives are procured from our trusted vendors. It helps to absorb both oil and water to reduce salt particles from clumping together. Niran is the preferred brand of food ingredient. It helps prevent spoilage during transport, storage, and sale.

From our quality controls to the relationships we have with our suppliers, we are committed to responsible, sustainable practices extending to every facet of our business. Inquiry!
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