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Citric acid is an organic acid. It is mainly used as an additive in food and beverages. In addition, basically all cosmetics, washing powders, and soaps contain citric acid. Is citric acid really good for our skin? Let’s take a look at what is the role of citric acid in cosmetics?



Citric acid is a kind of fruit acid. At first, citric acid was extracted from lemons. With the development of technology, citric acid can also be artificially synthesized. It can be fermented with sugar, honey, and starch to obtain citric acid.  Citric acid can be used as a buffer and acid-base regulator in cosmetics. It is an essential substance for the important citric acid cycle in the human body.


1. Citric acid can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation. The renewal of keratin contributes to the exfoliation of melanin in the skin, the reduction of pores, and the dissolution of blackheads.


2. Citric acid can promote the improvement of skin texture, can remove too thick keratinocytes, make the skin soft and young, and change the rough and non-elastic aging skin. After the keratin is softened, it can also improve the secretion of sebaceous glands and achieve the effect of eliminating facial sores.


3. Citric acid can promote beauty and wrinkle removal: any fruit acid product can improve the skin's ability to resist dryness, improve the skin's natural moisturizing ability, keep the skin moist, and reduce fine wrinkles. It is a good moisturizer that can increase the hyaluronic acid content in the superficial dermis of the skin and increase the water content of the skin's corneal cells and the superficial dermis.


Of course, although citric acid is good for the skin, it is processed after all. People with sensitive skin should choose carefully. People with sensitive skin can only use natural skin care products without any added. Soaking lemon slices in water may be a good choice to supplement the vitamin C needed in the body.

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