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Is rosemary extract a safe preservative?

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Is rosemary extract a safe preservative?

Is rosemary extract a safe preservative?


Rosemary extract has far better antioxidation effect in stabilizing oil than synthetic antioxidants BHA, BHT, VE. Studies show that, heat Rosemary extract at 204 ℃ for 18h or at 260℃ for 1h under sealed condition, its antioxidant activity will not be affected; heat Rosemary extract in open air at 204℃, its antioxidant activity retains 83% after 0.5h and 74% after 1h.

Experiments proved that rosemary extract has very strong antioxidant capacity in soybean oil,Peanut oil, Palm oil, Rapeseed oil and lard. Especially in Soybean oil and lard, it is 2-4 times of synthetic antioxidant BHA; Rosemary extract has an obvious advantage over Tea Polyphenol in Lard ( 1-2times); Under 120℃ temperature, Rosemary extract’ antioxidation effect is higher than Tea polyphenol in Peanut oil and Palm oil, and it has good solubility and stability.

Rosemary extract is usually added as antioxidant in meat processing to prevent oxidation reaction and protect the flavor,it is highly effective for protecting the color and freshness of pork sausage. When Rosemary extract at concentration 2500ppm, its antioxidation effect is equivalent to BHA/BHT at maximum allowable addition in frozen/cooked pork sausage, and it is superior to BHA/BHT in raw frozen pork pie.

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