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Main Functions of Lysine

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Lysine is usually an essential amino acid in the diets of monogastric animals, which is a typical corn-soybean meal diet or an important nutrient component in the diets of other meal instead of soybean meal. 

Lysine directly participates in the protein synthesis of animal body and is an indispensable component of protein synthesis.


Nowadays, lysine content in animal diet not only reflects the quality of dietary protein, but also plays an important role in improving the daily gain, feed conversion efficiency and carcass quality of animals.Lysine is important and cannot be replaced because of its unique physiological function in livestock and poultry nutrition.


The chemical formula of lysine is C6H14O2N2, also known as 2, 6-diaminohexanoic acid. Its basic chemical structure is shown in Figure 2. 

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It has obvious alkaline characteristics and is regarded as an amino carboxylic acid, with a relative molecular weight of 146.19 and a melting point of 263-264 ℃.Pure lysine is white in appearance and needle-like crystal in shape. It is easily soluble in water and hardly soluble in organic solution. It has no obvious odor and a special odor.Lysine does not crystallize easily and its optical activity is obvious.From the point of view of optical activity, it can be divided into three types: L (left-handed), D (dextral) and DL (racemate).There is no D-amino acid oxidase in monogastric animals and l-lysine can only be used.


The metabolism of other essential amino acids such as lysine is mainly effected by intestinal microorganisms colonized in the intestines of monogastric animals.

Main Functions of Lysine

Lysine is an important limiting amino acid in corn-soybean meal diet, which is most commonly used in livestock and poultry, and plays an irreplaceable role in the normal growth and development of animals.

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