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Niranbio Diammonium Phosphate

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Diammonium hydrogen phosphate is an inorganic substance with molecular formula (NH4) 2HPO4, molecular weight 132.06, colorless transparent monoclinic crystal or white powder. 


Diammonium hydrogen phosphate, also known as diammonium phosphate and ammonium hydrogen phosphate, is a white crystal with the molecular formula of (NH4) 2HPO4. It dissolves in water and decomposes when heated to 155 ℃. However, it may gradually decompose and release ammonia at room temperature to form diammonium hydrogen phosphate. The aqueous solution is weakly alkaline, and the pH of the chemical book is 8.0. Product specifications: 64% (N18: p2o546), 61% (n17: p2o545), 57% (N15: p2o542). In order to increase the Storability of some products, the wrapping agent is added in the production process to make the appearance of the products brown or yellow.


It is widely used in printing plate making, medicine, fire prevention, electronic tube, etc. it is a kind of high-efficiency fertilizer widely used in vegetables, fruits, rice and wheat. It is also used as feed additive, flame retardant and fire extinguishing agent in industry.



1. Industrial grade is used to impregnate wood and fabrics to increase their durability;


2. In food industry, it is used as food leavening agent, dough regulator, yeast food and fermentation assistant;


3. Fertilizer grade is mainly used as high concentration nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer, which is widely used in vegetables, fruits, rice and wheat;


4. Used as feed additive for ruminants;


5. Used as analytical reagent, buffer and water softener;


6. It can be used as dry powder fire extinguishing agent and phosphorus for fluorescent lamps;


7. Used for printing plate making, manufacturing of electron tube, ceramic, enamel, etc., biochemical treatment of wastewater;


8. Military industry is used as flame retardant of rocket motor insulation material.




At present, the main methods of industrial production are hot process phosphoric acid and extraction phosphoric acid and liquid ammonia reaction to produce diammonium hydrogen phosphate. The former has high purity and the latter has low cost.


NO MATTER it’s of the food grade or tech grade, it’s available with NIRAN to supply, also into EU, for the tech grade, we can supply the REACH registered DAP tech grade, feel free to approach us Niran China!

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