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Some phosphorus-containing additives in the delicacy food

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Many people like to drink sweet and sour Coke. Do you know where its sour taste comes from? Bread, biscuits, cakes are the foods we eat all the time.Why are baked breads and cakes so fluffy and cookies so crispy? How refreshing it is to eat cold and delicious ice cream on a hot summer day, but why does ice cream with cream taste so delicate? The above problems are very simple, the taste or appearance of these foods are inseparable from phosphorus-containing food additives.

The first common phosphorus-containing food additive is inorganic phosphoric acid. Friends who love sour taste like to add vinegar to meals, but in the food industry, phosphoric acid is mostly used to adjust the sour taste. Therefore, we say that orthodontic acid is a friend of vinegar. Phosphoric acid is the only inorganic acid food additive that can replace organic acids such as citric acid and malic acid. There are many kinds of sour tasters in food additives,and different acids can provide their own unique and pleasant sour taste. Phosphoric acid is particularly suitable for use in flavored carbonated beverages, such as cola. In the United States, phosphoric acid is the second most used acid in the food industry after citric acid.

In addition, food grade phosphoric acid is also used as a chelating agent in the sugar making process, through chelating impurities such as metal ions, making the syrup clear and transparent, making the product crystal clear, the appearance is cute and attractive; phosphoric acid is used as a yeast nutrient during winemaking to prevent the propagation of bacteria; phosphoric acid is often used as an antioxidant in baked goods and edible oils.


In addition, food grade inorganic phosphate is also an important class of phosphorus-containing food additives, and has become one of the most widely used food additives in countries around the world. In all areas of food production, food grade phosphate has an irreplaceable role in improving and improving food quality. At present, China is the largest resource country, the first producer and the first user of inorganic phosphate. Various food grade phosphates in food additives are extracted and purified from phosphate ore. If phosphate is used in different proportions, it can exert etter food improvement effect.

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