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The Advantages Of Allulose

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Compared with other zero-calorie natural sweeteners, the biggest advantage of allulose is that it has similar properties and functions to sucrose. It is safe enough and resembles "sugar" enough to make it difficult to compete with other sweeteners. It also obtains excellent sugar substitute effects in applications, such as baked goods. Its main advantages are as follows:

A. Low calorie


The sweetness of allulose is about 70% of that of sucrose, but its calories are much lower than that of sucrose, only one-tenth of that of sucrose. A small-scale study in 2015 showed that psicose may be beneficial for type 2 diabetes and obesity. Researchers report that psicose may help control blood sugar levels and improve insulin resistance. For obese and diabetic patients It is a very ideal sucrose substitute.


B.Good taste


In terms of taste, allulose has a soft and delicate sweetness, and has a pure sweetness that is very similar to high-purity sucrose. The initial stimulation speed to taste buds is slightly faster than that of sucrose, and there is no bad taste during and after eating. Its sweetness will not change with temperature, and it can show pure sweetness at various temperatures.


C.High security


Allulose is regarded by European and American scholars as the best substitute for erythritol, because the sweetness of the two is close, and it is safer than sugar alcohol. People have a certain tolerance to the intake of various sugar alcohols, otherwise they will have different degrees of diarrhea-assisting effects, but psicose will not have such a situation, and it has no effect on metabolism and blood sugar levels.


In addition, psicose does not use chemical synthesis. The general preparation method is that fructose extracted from corn or sugar beet is made by enzymatic epimerization. The resulting product is relatively single and belongs to natural products.


D.Improve product quality


Allulose and egg albumin can not only form a better cross-linked structure through Maillard reaction to improve food texture, but also produce substances with higher antioxidant effects, which can reduce oxidation loss during food processing and storage . Using allulose to partially replace sucrose in cakes can produce a large amount of antioxidants through Maillard reaction, thereby improving the quality of cakes, making it an excellent alternative to sucrose in baking applications.


E.High stability


The structure and characteristics of psicose are extremely stable, and it has strong chemical inertness. It can maintain its original state under acidic or alkaline conditions. It has higher stability than sucrose, and is convenient to apply to various nutrients and raw materials. In foods with complex sources.

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