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The Application and Prospect of Steviol Glycosides in Food

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Steviol glycosides are a kind of natural sweeteners with high sweetness and low calorie value, known as the "third sugar source" after sugar cane and sugar beet. From 2008, the US Food and Drug Administration approved rebaudioside A (rebaudioside A, Reb A) in steviol glycosides as "generally recognized as safe" substances, and then in 2011 the European Commission finally approved steviol glycosides as food additives, stevia Glycosides have been widely recognized and used.


Steviol glycosides are food applications


1. Application of steviol glycosides in pastries


Steviol glycosides have high sweetness and low dosage. Adding them to cakes, biscuits, and bakery foods can develop nutrition, health care and other foods suitable for children and the elderly, especially those suffering from diabetic hypertension, and have a promising future.


2. Application of steviol glycosides in canned food


Experiments have shown that the use of steviol glycosides to replace 20%-30% of sucrose in canned fruits not only maintains the original flavor, the sugar water is clear, the taste is cool and pure, but also the sweetness brought by high sugar is reduced. It is used for meat, Canned fish can significantly extend the shelf life.


3. Application of steviol glycosides in ambiguity regulation products


Steviol glycosides are added to seasonings such as soy sauce and vinegar instead of sucrose, which can extend the shelf life of the product and improve the flavor of the product. It can be used to pickle pickles, its taste is pure and delicious, it can trigger appetite, shorten the pickling time, increase the product qualification rate, and prevent dehydration. Moreover, stevioside instead of sucrose can make up for some of the defects of using sucrose alone, prevent browning reaction, and will not Causes fermentation rancidity. When steviol glycosides are used in the processing of pickled products with higher salt content, they can also inhibit the excessive saltiness. Used in sausages, hams, hanging meat and other foods, it also has the same effect, and the replacement ratio is generally 40%-50%.


4. Application of steviol glycosides in beverages


The sweetness of steviol glycosides is very high. It is used to replace 15%-35% of sucrose in refreshing beverages and cold drinks, which not only meets the requirements of national standards, but does not reduce product quality. At the same time, it can improve the taste of the beverage, make it have a cool and refreshing sweetness, and can change the rich sweetness of sugar; realize the low glycation of the beverage; the production of the same variety of fruity soda with stevia can reduce the cost than the full sucrose 20%-30%. This low-sugar beverage is suitable for obesity and diabetic patients and is in line with the development direction of beverages.


5. Application of steviol glycosides in dairy products


The bifidobacteria in the human intestine have various physiological functions such as maintaining the intestinal microecology, enhancing the host's immunity, synthesizing vitamins, inhibiting the growth of tumor cells, and reducing the production and accumulation of harmful substances in the intestine. Studies have shown that steviol glycosides can promote the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the human body and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella. Therefore, suitable steviol glycosides can be added to dairy products to produce functional dairy products.


6. Application of steviol glycosides in fruit wine


Steviol glycosides have stable physical and chemical properties and are not easy to become a source of microbial nutrition, which prolongs the shelf life of the product. Steviol glycosides like acid, used in fruit wine can improve the flavor of fruit wine, sweet and sour and delicious, and change the stickiness of fruit wine. Used in fruit wines such as prickly pear, sea buckthorn, grapes, etc., instead of 30% sucrose, it has a better taste. Adding an appropriate amount to liquor can eliminate the spicy taste and improve product quality. Used in beer, one can improve the flavor of the product, and the other can increase the foam, making the beer rich in foam and white and lasting.


The development prospects of steviol glycosides


As a natural sweetener, steviol glycosides have pure taste and high sweetness, and are widely used in foods. However, the pharmacological and health care mechanism of steviol glycosides in the human body is not very clear. Its metabolic pathways may be different for different populations. The safety research should also be more in-depth. There should be more medical evidence to prove that steviol glycosides are effective. The impact of the health of the human body.


Steviol glycosides are allowed to be used in China, South Korea, Taiwan and other Asian countries and regions, and South America, Brazil, Paraguay and other places. However, some Western countries have not yet approved the inclusion of steviol glycosides in the list of permitted food additives. Steviol glycosides still exist in the western market Certain regulatory bottlenecks. It is believed that with the development of science and technology in my country, the research of steviol glycosides will be more in-depth and will gradually be recognized by the markets of various countries. With the continuous deepening of stevioside research, the application prospect of stevioside will become more and more broad.

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