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The role of choline chloride in feed

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Choline chloride is the most widely used choline supplement in the feed industry. 

In the mouths of many feeders, choline chloride is often referred to as "choline". Choline (scientific name β-hydroxyethyl trimethylamine hydroxide) is one of the indispensable basic components in animals. 

Animals can synthesize choline in the liver when protein is sufficient. Feed ingredients also contain a certain amount of natural Choline, but these amounts cannot meet the needs of animals for rapid growth, so choline must be added artificially to supplement it.

As a component of lecithin and neurophospholipid, choline chloride plays an important role in constructing cell structure and maintaining cell function. It can regulate the proportion of lipids in lipoproteins and the transport speed of lipids in the body, and at the same time affect fat metabolism, and Fat accumulation and tissue degeneration in liver and kidney. Methionine and choline are both methyl donors of chickens, but the number of methyl donors for choline is three times higher than that of methionine.

When the supply of methionine in the diet is insufficient, choline can replace part of the methionine, thereby improving the conversion and utilization of nutrients such as protein. Therefore, in the breeding process of laying hens, choline chloride is used as a vitamin additive, and it can be added in an appropriate amount to corn-based high-energy feed to improve the egg production and egg quality of the laying hens.

Choline chloride has significant effects on promoting the growth and development of livestock and poultry, improving the quality of meat and eggs, and reducing feed consumption.

    · Choline is one of the constituents of cell membrane.

    · As the precursor of acetylcholine, it has the function of transmitting nerve signals.

    · It can participate in the process of fat metabolism and transportation, promote fat decomposition, and prevent the formation of fatty liver.

    · Choline is an essential substance for the production of lecithin, which can accelerate the growth of livestock and poultry and increase the egg production rate and hatching rate.

    · As a donor of methyl groups, it can promote the reformation of amino acids. Improve the utilization of amino acids.

Therefore, choline chloride plays a very prominent role in feeding.

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