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Vitamin feed additive - choline chloride

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Choline chloride is an organic compound, chemical formula C5H14ClNO, white hygroscopic crystal, tasteless, fishy smell.Melting point is 305 ℃.10% aqueous solution PH5-6, unstable in lye.This product is soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in ether, petroleum ether, benzene and carbon disulfide.Low toxicity, LD50(rats, orally)3400 mg/kg.

For the treatment of fatty liver and cirrhosis.Also as livestock feed additives, can stimulate ovarian fertility eggs, young and livestock, fish and other weight gain.

Choline chloride is usually classified into B vitamins (often called vitamin B4), which is a low molecular organic compound necessary for the maintenance of victory skills in animals. It can be synthesized in animals, but often needs to be added in feed. It is one of the most used vitamins.Choline chloride in animals can regulate the metabolism and transformation of fat, prevent fat deposition and tissue degeneration in liver and kidney, promote the reformation of amino acids, improve the utilization rate of amino acids, and save part of methionine.

The functional role of choline in the metabolism and growth of livestock and poultry is mainly manifested in :

(1) conversion to betaine, which provides methyl to combine with homocysteine to form methionine and reduce feed grade cost.

(2) As an important component of lecithin, it plays an important role in the prevention of tibia shortness in poultry and limb extensibility in pigs.

(3) The formation of lecithin can promote fat transportation or prevent abnormal fat accumulation and fatty liver by improving the utilization of fatty acids in liver.

(4) Involved in nerve conduction.

Choline deficiency occurs if there is insufficient choline chloride in animal feed.For example, poultry growth slows, laying rate decreases, and size decreases.Reduced hatchability of seed eggs, accumulation of fat in the liver and kidneys, hepatic steatosis, detentosis, behavioral disorders, muscular dystrophy., etc.

In choline chloride using, in addition to prevent its moisture absorption and deliquescence, also note that the all feed has been to add choline chloride as the last procedure, because the choline chloride has damage to the other vitamins, especially the presence of metal elements, the destruction of vitamins A, D, and K rapidly and therefore should not join the choline in multidimensional preparations,Compound feed with choline chloride should be used as soon as possible.

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