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What are the side effects of rosemary?

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Rosemary extract is divided into oil soluble (antioxidant) and water-soluble (antioxidant and preservative) two types, the active ingredients of oil soluble Rosemary extract are mainly Carnosic Acid, Carnosol and diterpenes, which with strong antioxidation properties; the active ingredients of water soluble Rosemary extract are mainly rosmarinic acid and rosmanol, with antioxidation, preservative and antibacterial properties.

Oil soluble Rosemary antioxidants are mainly used in oil & fat products, dairy products, oil-rich food, candy and baked food etc products, to prevent oil oxidation deterioration and food oxidation discoloration. Thanks to its excellent thermal stability and resistant to high temperature from 190 ℃ to 240 ℃,it is widely applied in baked food, fried food and other food needs high-temperature processing technologies or high-temperature sterilization. 

Water soluble Rosemary antioxidants can be widely used in various kind of beverages, aquatic products and natural water-soluble pigments. Rosemarinic Acid with strong antioxidant properties as well and withstand high temperature up to 100 ℃.

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