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What is Erythritol?

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Characteristics analysis and application advantages of erythritol


Erythritol is a natural, zero calorie, filling sweet alternative to sucrose

Agent, does not cause blood sugar rise, not to fat, prevent dental caries.Natural means biological fermentation

Sugar alcohol;Zero calorie refers to its cool taste, low calorie, only sucrose calorie

1/10, is low sugar and low calorie natural food research and development of the first choice of ingredients.


Physiological function and principle analysis of erythritol:

Extremally low energy value -- due to its unique metabolic properties, erythritol is small

The molecular substance, with a molecular weight of only 122.12, is the smallest among all kinds of sugar alcohols

After the human body is very easy to be absorbed by the small intestine, most of them into the human blood circulation.Due to the

It is not metabolized and excreted directly in the urine.This unique metabolic property determines

The characteristic of low energy value of erythritol was determined, and the maximum energy produced was only 0.2 Kcal/g.

High tolerance and safety - compared to other sugar alcohol sweeteners

The most tolerable amounts of mositol were xylitol, lactosol, and maltose

2 ~ 3 times of alcohol and isomaltitol, 3 ~ 4 times of sorbitol and

The tolerated amount for women is 0.68g/kg body weight, and the tolerated amount for women is 0.80g/kg body weight, such as

The tolerated dose is 40g/ day for a woman with a weight of 50kg, which is very safe to take


In terms of blood glucose and insulin control, 90% of the absorption of erythritol is directly excreted through the urine so it does not affect plasma glucose and insulin fluctuations, making erythritol a suitable sweetener for diabetics

Non-cariogenic oral microorganisms represented by mutants Streptococcus can not rely on erythritol growth and reproduction, will not produce organic acids to reduce the pH value of dental plaque surface. Therefore, erythritol will not cause dental caries, but also has the ability to inhibit the fermentation of certain sugars in oral microbiology

Erythritol is an antioxidant that helps prevent blood vessel damage caused by hyperglycemia in the body. Erythritol has been shown to be a good free radical scavenger and inhibitor, according to the European Medical Research Center


Application analysis of erythritol

Erythritol is widely used in many industries, among which it is the most widely used in health products industry, accounting for about 40% of the total production of erythritol in China.The confectionery industry accounts for about 35%;The rest of the market share is mainly used in medicine, chemicals, cosmetics and other industries.

Health care products industry - due to consumers' enthusiasm for low-calorie, weight loss products and weight control products, erythritol can meet its above functions.Erythritol, sugar alcohol use in health care products can add high sweeteners, such as sucralose, aspartame, new sweet, and so on, can achieve lower heat by about 50%, which can effectively curb obesity in calories, can also with collagen compound with use, such as for erythritol, sugar alcohol with good sweetness and good formability, and medicine, health care products in the functional material in the absence of water

Under the conditions, the tablets can cover up the bad taste of functional substances, such as bitterness, astringency, etc. It is a good taste correction agent and excipient in medicine and health products industry.It can be made into decoction pieces, powder, granule, capsule and other dosage forms.

Confectionery industry - erythroitol application in confectionery advantages are pure natural, no heat, anti-caries sugar free (suitable for people with high blood sugar), high tolerance amount is not easy to absorb moisture, easy packaging, its production process and the traditional process is basically the same, and can

Reduce processing time.Maillard reaction is not easy to occur, and there is little Browning or decomposition phenomenon, is very suitable for chewing gum, candy and other moist-free food.

At present, there are many brands in the confectionery market, and a large number of excellent brands have their own unique advantages.In the face of severe market competition, brands can also make full use of the excellent function of erythritol to develop highly competitive products

Consumer demand, segment the market and create sales.

Chocolate - The addition of erythritol to the chocolate making process allows the chocolate to be processed at temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius, which not only improves the flavor of the product but also significantly shortens the processing time.Replacing sugar with erythritol reduced chocolate's calories by 30 percent.

Dairy products and beverages -- Adding a certain concentration of erytositol to fermented dairy products can appropriately extend the shelf life of the products.Using the heat absorption effect of erythritol dissolution (the dissolution heat is -43 CAL /g), the cold solid powder beverage can be produced.It can reduce the odor and sensory stimulation of alcoholic beverages, improve the quality of distilled spirits and wines, and enhance the natural flavor of products.

Erythritol, a pharmaceutical product, is used to coat tablets in the field of medicine. It gives tablets a new image of cool and palatability, and its functional characteristics of low calorie and easy storage are the goals pursued by drug manufacturing.Erythritol is naturally sweet

The powder has good fluidity and stability. It is a non-caloric sweetener in oral care products.

New condiments -- the technological level of condiments at home and abroad has been very mature, now mainly in the selection of product ingredients and research and development focus, many enterprises pay more attention to the selection of functional ingredients, such as erythritol, oligosaccharide, xylitol

Has come into focus.According to the physical and chemical properties of the corresponding functional ingredients and the development trend at home and abroad, each manufacturing enterprise chooses the functional ingredients that conform to its own production technology and market trend to upgrade and replace the products and develop new products.Functional tuning is currently developed

Taste is the inevitable trend of development, especially in the high-end market will have a great deal.

Erythritol, a medical supplement and shampoo that improves rough skin, is a topical combination for treating skin that is suitable for improving and preventing rough skin or promoting recovery of skin barrier function.

Erythritol, a table sweetener, is associated with sucralose when used in combination

With synergistic effect, it has obvious synergistic effect on sweetness and sweetness, which makes the taste better, and can cover up some bad smell and bad characteristics of high power sweeteners.There are already companies using its health care functions, especially for diabetics to develop erythritol effervescent tablets.

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