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What is Erythritol?

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Erythritol, sugar alcohol
Erythritol is a newly developed 4-carbon sugar alcohol, which can be fermented by glucose. It is a white crystalline powder with refreshing sweetness, is not easy to absorb moisture, stable at high temperature, stable over a wide PH range, and has a mild coolness when dissolved in the mouth. It is suitable for a variety of foods.


It is white crystal, slightly sweet, relative sweetness 0.65. It feels cool. Zero calories. Soluble in water (37%, 25℃), easy to crystallize due to low solubility (compared with sucrose), suitable for foods that need sucrose taste, such as chocolate and table sugar, etc. It is not degraded by enzymes, and can only be discharged from blood to urine through the kidney (easily absorbed by the small intestine). It does not participate in the changes of glucose metabolism and blood sugar, so it is suitable for diabetics. In the colon is not fermentation, can avoid gastrointestinal discomfort. No tooth decay.


Primary Property:

(1) Low sweetness: erythritol is only 60-70% as sweet as sucrose. It has a cool taste in the mouth, pure taste, and no bitter aftertaste. It can be combined with high sweetener to suppress the bad flavor of its high sweetening agent.

(2) High stability: very stable to acid and heat, high acid and alkali resistance, decomposition and change will not occur below 200 degrees temperature, maillard reaction and discoloration will not occur.

(3) High solubility heat: when erythritol is dissolved in water, it has an endothermic effect. The solubility heat is only 97.4KJ/KG, which is higher than that of glucose and sorbitol. It has a cool feeling when eating.

(4) Solubility: the solubility of erythritol at 25℃ is 37% (W/W). As the temperature increases, the solubility of erythritol increases, and the crystals are easy to be precipitated out.
(5) Low hygroscopicity: Erythritol is very easy to crystallize, but will not be hygroscopic in 90% humidity environment, and is easy to be crushed into powder products. It can be used on food surface to prevent food from hygroscopicity and deterioration.


Production process


By wheat, corn starch, such as the security, the appropriate consumption level, such as hypertonic yeast clump terrier spore yeast (Moniliella pllinis), fat Candida (Candida lipolytica) or class silk spore yeast (Tricho sporonoides megachilensis) in high concentrations (> 450 g/L) after enzymatic hydrolysis fermentation, the fermentation mash approved by heating sterilization and filtration and then the ion exchange resin, activated carbon and ultrafiltration, purification, crystallization, washing and drying. The average yield is about 50%.

Erythritol Fuction:
(1) Zero-calorie: Erythritol is the only zero-calorie sugar alcohol. Due to its small molecular weight, erythritol is easy to be absorbed by the human body, while only a small amount of erythritol absorbed by the human body enters the human large intestine and is fermented by microorganisms. About 80% of erythritol is consumed by humans and enters the bloodstream, but it is not metabolized by enzymes, does not provide energy for the body, does not participate in glucose metabolism, and can only be excreted in the urine.
(2) high tolerance: the body of erythritol, sugar alcohol tolerance to 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight, than the xylitol, lactose and maltitol is high, the main reason is that erythritol, sugar alcohol of small molecular weight, absorb less, mainly through the urine, avoiding the phenomenon of hypertonic cause diarrhea, avoids the phenomenon of intestinal bacteria fermentation to produce flatulence.
(3) Anti-caries: Erythritol is not used by oral bacteria of the human body, so it will not produce acid substances to harm the teeth, which will cause dental caries, inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, and thus play a role in the protection of teeth.

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