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Sodium hexametaphosphate is an inorganic substance with the molecular formula of (NaPO3) 6. It is white powder crystal or colorless transparent glass flake or block solid. Soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents. Hygroscopicity is very strong, dew placed in the air can gradually absorb water and become sticky. It can form soluble complexes with calcium, magnesium and other metal ions. It is widely used in food and industry.


Colorless transparent liquid flake or white granular crystal. 484, melting point 616 ℃ (decomposition). Soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents. It has strong hygroscopicity and can form soluble complexes with calcium, magnesium and other metal ions. It is hydrolyzed gradually in water to form orthophosphate.




1. Mainly used in food and industrial industries. The main applications in food industry are as follows:


Sodium hexametaphosphate is used in meat products, fish sausage, ham, etc. it can improve water holding capacity, increase adhesion, and prevent fat oxidation;


It can prevent discoloration, increase viscosity, shorten fermentation period and adjust taste;


It can be used in fruit drinks and cool drinks to improve juice yield, increase viscosity and inhibit vitamin C decomposition;


Used in ice cream, it can improve the expansion capacity, increase the volume, enhance the emulsification, prevent the damage of the paste, and improve the taste and color;


Used for dairy products and beverages to prevent gel precipitation.


Adding beer can clarify liquor and prevent turbidity;


It can be used in beans, fruits and vegetables cans to stabilize natural pigment and protect food color;


Sodium hexametaphosphate aqueous solution sprayed on the cured meat can improve the anti-corrosion performance.


2. In terms of industry, it mainly includes:


Sodium hexametaphosphate can be heated with sodium fluoride to produce sodium monofluorophosphate, which is an important industrial raw material;


Sodium hexametaphosphate as a water softener, such as used in dyeing and finishing, plays a role in water softening;


Sodium hexametaphosphate is also widely used as scale inhibitor in EDI (resin electrodialysis), RO (reverse osmosis), NF (nanofiltration) and other water treatment industries.


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