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Molecular formula: NaHCO3

H.S.CODE: 28363000.00

CAS Code: 144-55-8

Product standard: GB1886.2-2015

Item No.:IND1004

Edible baking soda is mainly used as carbon dioxide generating agent in food, beverage, soda and cold drinks. It is also used in feed additives, medicine, chemistry, tanning, fire-fighting preparations, biological breeding, detergent, environmental desulfurization, sterilization and detoxification, bath health care and other industries.


Sodium bicarbonate, with molecular formula of NaHCO ₃, is an inorganic salt, white crystalline powder, odorless, alkaline and soluble in water. It decomposes slowly in humid air or hot air to produce carbon dioxide, which is heated to 270 ℃ for complete decomposition. In case of acid, it decomposes strongly to produce carbon dioxide.


Sodium ion is the normal need of human body and is generally considered non-toxic. However, excessive intake may cause alkalosis, damage the liver and induce hypertension.


Sodium bicarbonate solid begins to decompose gradually above 50 ℃ to produce sodium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide gas. This characteristic is often used as a bulking agent for making biscuits, cakes, steamed bread and bread. Sodium bicarbonate will remain after action, and excessive use will make the finished product alkaline.


White crystal, or opaque monoclinic fine crystal, odorless and salty, soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol. The solubility in water is 7.8G (18 ℃) and 16.0g (60 ℃).




The chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. It is often used as baking powder to make food additives such as steamed bread and biscuits.


Pharmaceutical industry


Sodium bicarbonate can be directly used as raw material in pharmaceutical industry to treat gastric acid excess.


food processing


In food processing, it is one of the most widely used loosening agents. It is used in the production of biscuits, bread, etc. it is a carbon dioxide generator in soft drinks; It can be compounded with alum into alkaline fermentation powder, and can also be compounded with soda ash into civil caustic soda; It can also be used as butter preservative.


Fire Equipment


It is used to produce acid-base fire extinguishers and foam extinguishers.




It can be used in rubber and sponge production in rubber industry; It can be used as flux for casting ingot in metallurgical industry; It can be used as molding aid for cast steel (sand turning) sand mold in mechanical industry; In the printing and dyeing industry, it can be used as color fixing agent, acid-base buffer and post-treatment agent for fabric dyeing and finishing; Adding baking soda in dyeing can prevent the yarn from producing colored flowers; Pharmaceutical industry is used as raw material of acid making agent; It can also be used as a detergent for wool and for soaking seeds in agriculture.


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