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What is Sodium diacetate?

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Sodium diacetate, referred to as SDA, is also known as sodium diacetate, sodium diacetate, and its trade name is Vita-crop.


The crystal structure is regular hexahedron, is the molecular complex of sodium acetate and acetic acid, slightly acetic acid odor and sour taste is soft, white hygroabsorbent crystal, soluble in water and ethanol, sodium diacetate crystal melting point 96 degrees, heating to 150 degrees above decomposition, flamable, stable properties under dry conditions, 10% solution pH is 4.5-5.5.SDA has the advantages of high mildew proof, anti-corrosion, green, increase the value of nutrition and so on, the application of high safety.


In pig production, adding SDA to the diet of weaned piglets can provide daily feed intake and protein digestibility, improve the performance of weaned piglets, and effectively prevent diarrhea and improve the survival rate of piglets.


In the application of poultry production, SDA has a strong bactericidal ability, can prevent feed mildew, can effectively inhibit the reproduction of pathogens, prevent poultry pullorum, enhance the resistance of poultry, improve the egg production rate and survival rate of poultry.

The application in dairy production can improve the digestibility of feed, feed intake, milk fat percentage, body condition and nutritional value of dairy cows.


The application in aquaculture can improve the nutritional value and palatability of feed, increase the intake of fish, and improve the utilization rate of bait.At the same time, SDA can also be used as a clarifying disinfectant for fish ponds, which can effectively prevent fish and bacterial diseases and purify water quality, and significantly improve the production performance of fish.

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