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What is Sodium Saccharin ?

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Saccharin is an artificial or non-nutritive sweetener.

It is made in a laboratory through the oxidation of the chemicals o-toluenesulfonamide or phthalic anhydride. It looks like white, crystalline powder.

Saccharin is commonly used as a sugar substitute because it doesn't contain calories or carbs. Humans can't break down saccharin, so it leaves the body unchanged.

It is around 300–400 times sweeter than regular sugar, so you only need a small amount to get the sweet taste.

However, it can have an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste. This is why saccharin is often mixed with other low or zero-calorie sweeteners.

For example, saccharin is sometimes combined with aspartame, another low-calorie sweetener commonly found in carbonated diet drinks.



1:Bulk sweetening agent

Sodium saccharin can be used for food, such as cold drinks, beverages, jelly, popsicles, pickles, cakes, preserved fruits, protein sugar, etc. It is used in the food industry and sweet food making for diabetics. Sodium saccharin is a commonly used synthetic sweetening agent.

2:Feed additives

For pig feed, sweetener, etc.

3:Personal care goods

Daily chemical industry: toothpaste, mouthwash, eyedrops, etc.

4:Chemical use

Electroplating industry. Electroplating sodium saccharin is mainly used in electroplating nickel and is used as brightener. Adding a small amount of saccharin sodium can improve the brightness and softness of nickel plating. The general use is 0.1–0.3 grams sodium saccharin per liter of medicinal liquid.

The sodium saccharin consumption in electroplating industry is larger, and the total export accounts for the majority of China’s output.

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