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What is sorbitol used for?

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Sorbitol is widely found in the fruits of plants in nature. In industrial production, it is mainly produced by hydrogenation of glucose after hydrolysis of starch, and is one of the important products of starch deep processing.Sorbitol is an important industrial raw material. In China, sorbitol is mainly used to produce vitamin C.


Sorbitol is mainly found in liquid and solid forms.Liquid sorbitol is usually a 50% or 70% colorless clear aqueous solution.Solid sorbitol appears as a white needle, sheet, or granular crystalline powder, some as 0.5 or 1 molecule of crystalline water.


The flavor of sorbitol is unique, the taste is refreshing, the sweetness is about 60% of the same concentration of sucrose.Sorbitol in water to absorb heat, Rong JieWei -110.8J /g, close to glucose, suitable for adding to mint candy, refreshing drinks and other foods, can enhance the role of cool feeling.


Sugar is the main cause of dental caries. Certain microbes in the mouth ferment sugar to produce acids that destroy the enamel on the surface of teeth, causing cavities.Compared with sucrose, sorbitol is much better in preventing dental caries.While sucrose intake causes a rapid drop in tooth surface pH, the acid produced by sorbitol intake causes less of a drop in tooth surface pH, which is still above the critical value of 5.7, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of dental caries.


Sorbitol has the properties of diuretic and dehydration, and can be directly used as a drug to treat brain edema, glaucoma and edema and oliguria with normal cardiac and renal function, so as to reduce intracranial pressure and prevent edema.Oral sorbitol can promote gallbladder contraction, stimulate pancreas secretion of pancreatic lipase, can accelerate the small intestine peristalsis, so it can be used to improve the symptoms of chronic liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal diseases.


As an emulsifier, sorbitol can help to form a uniform emulsifying system, improve the tissue structure of food, and thus improve the taste quality of food.With the increase of the content of sorbitol, the specific gravity, viscosity, volume and water content of the cake all decreased. When the content of sorbitol and sucrose were equal, the cohesion of the cake was the lowest. When 70% or 100% sucrose was replaced by sorbitol, the growth of microorganisms in the cake could be effectively inhibited at room temperature.


The taste of sorbitol is refreshing and will not affect the blood sugar and insulin level of the human body. The drinks sweetened with sorbitol are suitable for diabetics and other special people to eat.

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