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What Is Xylitol?

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What is xylitol? Xylitol is categorized as a sugar alcohol.

Chemically, sugar alcohols combine traits of sugar molecules and alcohol molecules. The structure of xylitol allows them to stimulate the taste receptors for sweetness on your tongue.

Xylitol is found in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables and is therefore considered natural. Humans even produce small quantities of it via normal metabolism.

It is a common ingredient in sugar-free chewing gums, candies, mints, diabetes-friendly foods and oral-care products.

Xylitol has a similar sweetness as regular sugar but contains 40% fewer calories:

Table sugar: 4 calories per gram

Xylitol: 2.4 calories per gram

Store-bought xylitol appears as a white, crystalline powder.

Since xylitol is a refined sweetener, it doesn’t contain any vitamins, minerals or protein. In that sense, it provides only empty calories.

Even though sugar alcohols are technically carbohydrates, most of them do not raise blood sugar levels and thereby don’t count as net carbs, making them popular sweeteners in low-carb products.

Xylitol has a very low glycemic index and doesn’t spike blood sugar or insulin

One of the negative effects of added sugar — and high-fructose corn syrup — is that it can spike blood sugar and insulin levels.

Due to its high levels of fructose, it can also lead to insulin resistance and multiple metabolic problems when consumed in excess .

However, xylitol contains zero fructose and has negligible effects on blood sugar and insulin .

For people with diabetes, prediabetes, obesity or other metabolic problems, xylitol is an excellent alternative to sugar.

Xylitol boosts dental health

Xylitol is highly toxic to dogslitol reduces ear and yeast infections

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