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What makes Stevia so awesome?

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Stevia is one of the most distinguished product among those collections in Niran Biochemical Limited.
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Stevia is made of qualified natural Stevia leaf. It will surely accommodate customers' unique temperament and taste. The application of high-end Enzyme conversion perfects the function of Stevia. Thanks to no aftertaste, it embodies characteristics such as 0 calories. It is widely applied to sweeteners. It is approved by FCC. To meet various needs of customers, Niranbio supports customized Stevia. Get started by visiting

Niranbio is highly recognized in the Food ingredients field. We have developed steadily over the past 17 years years. We engage in foreign trade business to export our products like food ingredients to China. Our offerings include Organic Stevia. For diabetes

We continue to carry forward the commitment of 'caring for your health, working for your benefits'. In need of more information, please check

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