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What port of loading available for citric acid monohydrate ?
We strategically choose the port located close to our factory. Considering the proximity first, we can cut down the transportation cost. Also, the port we choose to deliver citric acid monohydrate is equipped with sound and advanced infrastructure which ensures high efficiency of loading and unloading. We have confirmed that the port has strong relationships with regulators and legislators, making sure it is compliant with federal security initiatives and runs legally. More importantly, the port is ensured to have enough capabilities to eliminate congestion and have streamlined procedures to reduce loading/unloading times and prevent delays.

Niran BioChemical Limited is a leader in manufacturing and exporting operations of natural sweeteners in China. Niran BioChemical focuses on providing a variety of food thickener for customers. The product features remarkable energy efficiency. During production, it utilizes the newest latest energy conservation technologies to reduce energy consumption as possible. It is able to enhance the texture of foods. As a professional natural protein powder manufacturer, Niran BioChemical has a strong and perfect quality assurance system and good corporate culture. It carries all the labels and certificates required for export.

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