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Who manufactures erythritol?

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In recent years, the number "0" has appeared more and more frequently on the outer packaging of food and beverages. 0-sugar sparkling water, 0-sugar yogurt, 0-sugar pastries, and even candy chocolates are made with 0-sugar. In order to improve the taste of the product and give the product sweetness on the basis of 0 sugar, many brands represented by Yuanqi Forest have begun to launch products with erythritol as a sugar replacement solution, helping it to become the most popular sweetener in China represent.

Many companies that are deeply involved in the erythritol market are developing rapidly in this wave of zero sugar boom. Sanyuan Bio, which focuses on the production of erythritol, will be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in February 2022. Its prospectus shows that the revenue in the first nine months of 2021 is 1.3 billion yuan, an increase of 743 million yuan compared with the first nine months of 2020, a year-on-year increase of 132.29%. GenkiForest has become the largest customer of Sanyuan Bio. BLB, which is also the head supplier of erythritol, also has a revenue growth rate of 34.58% in 2021. Dongxiao Biology is also taking advantage of the east wind to upgrade its erythritol production line in 2020, increasing the annual output from the original 10,000 tons to 20,000 tons.

The explosion of erythritol is not without reason. In China's new "General Rules for Nutrition Labeling of Prepackaged Foods" (GB 28050-2011), the calorie value of erythritol is defined as "zero". And its sweetness is moderate, only 2/3 of the sweetness of sucrose, which can mask the bitter taste brought by high-intensity sweeteners. Therefore, it is widely used in candy (including chocolate food), health products, dairy beverages, bakery products, soft drinks and other products, and has become the darling of many food brands.

So, which companies can provide erythritol raw materials? As a top food additive supplier in China, NiranBio Chemical has excellent ability to integrate the supply chain. In addition to the above three companies, a new force has joined the sweetener market - EPPEN Biotech, who also started producing erythritol!

Ningxia EPPEN Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. After more than 20 years of continuous innovation and hard work, EPPEN Biotech has developed into a modern bio-manufacturing enterprise integrating production, education and research with international competitive advantages.

The company currently has an annual output of 30,000 tons of erythritol, 450,000 tons of monosodium glutamate, and 30,000 tons of chicken essence. The new products and the original products form a matrix combination to meet the purchasing needs of customers and continue to enhance the competitiveness and development strength of the company.

EPPEN Biotech 's erythritol product raw material comes from China's corn gold production area. After converting corn into glucose, it is a sugar alcohol product obtained by using the international leading biological fermentation technology through fermentation, refining, crystallization and other processes. Erythritol is a natural sweetener with zero calories and refreshing sweetness. It has a glycemic index of 0, does not cause fluctuations in glucose and insulin in plasma, and is suitable for diabetic patients. Erythritol is extremely caloric. Low, according to the Chinese national standard, it can be regarded as 0 calories during use.

Based on the unique physical and chemical properties of erythritol, it has the unique function of preventing the rise of blood sugar and the occurrence of dental caries. It is widely used as the first choice for sugar replacement and sugar reduction in beverage, compound sugar, functional food, baking, dairy products, health food and other production enterprises. With the introduction and implementation of the guidelines of "per capita daily added sugar intake not exceeding 25 grams" in the national "National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030)" and "Healthy China Action (2019-2030)", the thritol products will usher in rapid growth. EPPEN Biotech 's existing production capacity is 30,000 tons/year, and the second phase is planned to be 50,000 tons/year.

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