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Why are sugar-free drinks better?

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The explosion of sugar-free beverages has brought a carnival in the low-carbon and ketogenic circle, and new sugar-free beverages have been continuously discovered, which has become a daily happiness.

However, two or three years ago, low-carbon and ketogenic products were still a small circle. When a keto person introduced his friends to eat less sugar and staple food, he would most likely be considered a demon. Today, although the ketogenic diet is still not accepted by most people, the concept of "low carbon" is being recognized by more and more people.

With the rapid emergence of low-carb diets, sugar-free drinks without added sucrose have also exploded rapidly. However, behind the rise of sugar-free beverages is not the simple "new generation of consumers pays more attention to health". There are the victory of the "sugar-free movement", the entry of a variety of new dietary methods, and the more important this year. "Science" consumers.

This article hopes to give you a new perspective on the rise of sugar-free beverages, where the "health" that young people believe in comes from, and why sparkling water has become the mainstream of sugar-free beverages.

The victory of the "sugar-free movement"

For the rise of sugar-free drinks, many people simply attribute it to the fact that the new generation of consumers pays more attention to health. Let me ask which generation of consumers does not pay attention to health. It can only be said that each generation believes in "health" differently.

A new generation of consumers pays more attention to the science behind "health".

It is not difficult to read research papers on the Internet nowadays, not to mention that there are a lot of Kochi KOLs who are constantly moving these documents into China. They use various biological knowledge and experimental results to demonstrate their rationality. Sexuality, just such a statement backed by laboratory data, has won over many vague "experts".

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