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Why can Vitamin C help prevent NCP(2019- nCOV)?

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The new coronavirus NCP affects the hearts of all Chinese people. No matter the medical staff struggling in the front line or the common people living at home, they are all participating in the battle in their own way.

Wuhan is not only the home of Wuhan people, but also belongs to all Chinese people. As academician Zhong Nanshan said in an interview, "with the help of the whole country, Wuhan can pass the customs. Wuhan is a very heroic city. "

Every day, people all over the country are looking forward to the good news of positive energy, for example, the construction of Wuhan huoshenshan and leishenshan hospital is pushing forward with all their strength; we also see many professional "hard core videos" on the Internet, so that we can know how to carry out scientific prevention in the face of viruses.


At present, there is no specific treatment for the infection caused by the new coronavirus. But as experts say, we need to wear masks and take precautions.

In addition, improve their own immunity to enhance the resistance to the virus, so as to reduce the probability of infection and play a preventive role.

Immunity is the body's own defense mechanism, so how to improve its immunity?


In the official document of January 22nd this year, vitamin C(Ascorbic acid) was listed as a new crown pneumonia preventive medicine by Shanghai Health Protection Committee. Vitamin C is often heard, do you really know it?


Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for human immune system. When vitamin C is deficient, the combat power of white blood cells is weakened and people are prone to disease. Under infection, the vitamin C concentration in the body will decrease rapidly.

At present, it is known that large doses of vitamin C can improve the immunity of the body, and enhance the anti infection ability of the body through many aspects. Lack of vitamin C will reduce the immunity of the body, the reasons are as follows:

First of all, vitamin C can induce interferon production in vivo, interfere with viral mRNA transcription and DNA replication, enhance the body's resistance to virus, especially have a good antiviral immune response to influenza virus infection, and avoid virus invasion;

Secondly, vitamin C can improve the body's recognition and killing of foreign and malignant cells, promote the formation of antibodies in the body, improve the phagocytic ability of immune cells and the resistance to diseases, so as to enhance the immune function of the body.


Daily vitamin C supplementation can help:

Reduce the risk, severity and duration of infectious diseases;

 It is necessary for the human immune system to play its function to enhance the combat ability of immune cells;

Have antiviral properties;

Macrophages eliminate and apoptosis neutrophils consumed in the immune process of the body, so as to reduce potential tissue damage;

A variety of other antioxidant properties, especially in the respiratory tract, can reduce the toxicity of air pollutants (ozone, nitrogen dioxide, etc.).


Who needs vitamin C?

Vitamin C deficiency is not uncommon. These people need to pay attention to vitamin C supplementation:

People who are busy working and studying;

Women who are pregnant and lactating;

People with iron deficiency anemia;

People who often smoke (the consumption rate of vitamin C of smokers is higher than that of ordinary people); people who eat less vegetables and fruits;

People who are prone to vitamin C deficiency in winter. If it's children who are partial to food, children who don't eat breakfast, people who lose weight, nursing mothers, sick people, elderly people who have limited diet, and people who often eat canned food, they need to pay more attention to timely supplement of vitamin C.


When do we need vitamin C?

During the flu season from November to march of the next year, or when there is a lot of pressure, tension and weak resistance, vitamin C can be supplemented appropriately to improve self immunity.


How to supplement vitamin C?

1. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and cook reasonably.

Which fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C?

Fruit: apple, orange, strawberry, kiwi fruit, grapefruit, etc.

Vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, celery, broccoli, etc.

It should be noted that the loss of a large number of water-soluble vitamins (including vitamin C) may be caused by improper methods in the cleaning process of vegetables.In addition, vitamin C is afraid of high temperature. If the temperature is too high or the heating time is too long when cooking, vitamin C in vegetables will be destroyed. And vitamin C is easy to be oxidized in the air. The longer the fruits and vegetables are stored, the greater the loss of vitamin C will be.

Therefore, it is not suitable to store a large number of vegetables at home to avoid the loss of vitamin C.


2. Supplement high dose vitamin C

In addition to dietary vitamin C supplementation, you can choose to supplement some high-dose vitamin C (high-dose refers to 1000 mg or more) in daily life to enhance your immunity, enhance the resistance to the virus, and give yourself and your family full protection!

In addition to a balanced diet and vitamin C supplementation, regular exercise can also improve immunity.

Daily exercise is also helpful to improve immunity. Sports need to be carried out gradually and persistently for a long time.

At present, at home, you can exercise moderately until you perspire a little every day. Avoid blowing after sweating. Pay attention to keep your temperature after exercise.Each of us should do a good job of protection, improve our immunity, and protect ourselves and the people around us.




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