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Why we choose sodium citrate as food additive

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Sodium citrate is widely used in food, medicine, detergent, etc. Among them, as a food additive, it is mainly used as a buffer, chelating agent, nutritional supplement, emulsifier, flavoring agent, stabilizer, etc. Commercially available products include anhydrous sodium citrate, sodium citrate dihydrate and sodium citrate pentahydrate.

Sodium citrate is currently the most important citrate. It is mainly produced by fermenting starch-based substances to produce citric acid, and then neutralizing it with alkaline substances. It has a variety of unique and excellent properties:

Safe and non-toxic.Since the raw materials for the preparation of sodium citrate are basically derived from food, it is absolutely safe and reliable and will not harm human health. The United Nations Food and Agriculture and the World Health Organization do not impose any restrictions on its daily intake, and the product can be considered drug-free.

Biodegradability. After sodium citrate is diluted with a large amount of water in nature, part of it becomes citric acid, and the two coexist in the same system.

Complexing ability of metal ions. Sodium citrate has good complexing ability to metal ions such as calcium ion and magnesium ion, and it also has good complexing ability to other metal ions, such as iron ion.

Solubility, and the solubility increases with the increase of water temperature.

Sodium citrate has good pH adjustment and buffering properties. Sodium citrate is a kind of weak acid and strong base salt. It can be combined with citric acid to form a strong pH buffer, so it has important uses in some occasions that are not suitable for large-scale pH changes.

Retarding and stable performance.

In recent years, with the development of the food industry, new domestic fine chemicals have made considerable progress, especially some products have a certain influence on the international market, such as sodium citrate in food additives. Sodium citrate will have more development prospects and space as buffers, chelating agents, nutritional supplements, emulsifiers, flavoring agents, stabilizers, etc. As the public needs more, this additive will be healthier and more healthy. It is used in various foods to achieve the desired effect.

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