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Will phosphoric acid remove paint

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Rust is very common in daily life, if it can not be removed in time, not only affect the appearance but also affect the performance of stainless steel components. Common rust removal methods include mechanical methods, chemical methods, electrochemical method, and so on. At present, more traditional chemical methods are used to remove rust, ordinary rust removers are generally made of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid dilution, and corrosion inhibitors to prevent corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement, etc., the technology is simple and suitable for indoor rust removal. Although the heating of the pickling solution can improve the cleaning speed, this method consumes a lot of energy, has great corrosiveness to the stainless steel matrix, has more acid mist, and the rust removal speed is slow. In recent years, more research has been carried out on the mixed acid pickling system that mixes hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid with phosphoric acid, citric acid, strong oxidants, etc. Researchers in the comprehensive consideration of fast, less pollution, easy to operate, low cost, and other factors, after consulting the literature to carry out the development of a new formula, selected the main corrosion effect of hydrochloric acid, supplemented by the oxidation of nitric acid corrosion system, while adding some additives, can effectively improve the speed of rust removal, enhance the cleaning effect.  

The formula uses a pickling and rust removal system based on the erosion effect of hydrochloric acid, supplemented by the oxidation of nitric acid. Phosphoric acid, citric acid, and sodium pyrophosphate are added to the rust remover to improve the surface brightness. The addition of the penetrant can improve the speed of rust removal, and the corrosion inhibitor can weaken the erosion of the rust removal liquid on the stainless steel matrix.  

The composition of the rust remover formula developed is hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, citric acid, sodium pyronitrate, penetrant, corrosion inhibitor, etc., and the synergistic effect of each component constitutes a highly active comprehensive system. The formula is efficient and fast to remove rust, with very little acid mist, simple to use, and light corrosion of the matrix material. The rust remover raw materials are easy to obtain, easy to manufacture, widely used, with high economic benefits, social benefits and industrial development value.

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