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Is‘MultiSense® Sweet Flavor’an industry game-changer?

Sugar sweetened products have suffered from the perception that they are the cause of obesity and tooth decay & erosion. Researchers now claim that 1/3 of the consumers states that they are addicted to sugar or are concerned about sugar addiction.


The status of sugar substitute


What we are using for sugar substitute nowadays, not only artificial sweeteners such as sodium saccharin and aspartame is common, but also natural ingredient stevia is rapidly growing popular. As a leading provider of stevia to the food industry, we Niranbio wants to ensure that using naturally sourced low calorie sweetener in greater quantities in the future.


With the emergence of these sugar substitutes, companies will reduce sugar due to costs and media discussions in the future. But this change faces some major obstacles that the role of sugar within foods including sweetness, flavour perception and mouthfeel can’t be affected too much.Sugar reduction without compromising the taste is the key challenge for the food & beverage industry.



What is MultiSense® Sweet Flavor?


Döhler is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. MultiSense® Sweet Flavor is a brand new product with holistic sugar reduction concept developed by Döhler. There is no one-fits-solution for all products so that Multisense® Flavor concentrates the solution on two key points——MultiSense® Sweet and MultiSense® Masking.


What is MultiSense® Sweet?

· Significant or moderate sugar reduction possible.

· Initial and core sweetness for a balanced sweet profile.

· Mouthfeel enhancement in sugar reduced products.

What is MultiSense® Masking?

· Masking aftertaste of various sweeteners (e.g. Stevia, HIS)

· Reducing the lingering sweetness for a cleaner taste profile


The application of MultiSense® Sweet Flavor


Starting from these ideas,Multisense ® Flavor derives three different specifications for consumers with different needs.

If MultiSense® Sweet Flavor can overcome such obstacles and meet the above ideas– and it is a big ‘if’ – it could be a great change to the food & beverage industry. When it’s used in CSD,Water Plus,Still Drink,Energy Drink and Beer Mix, MultiSense® Sweet Flavor can take a booming market. Despite enormous improvements to sugar reduction in recent years, It is difficult to have a product that can completely replace sugar. MultiSense® Sweet Flavor could be the ultimate answer – but it still has some way to go before it finds its way onto shelves.


We have every reason to look forward to the future of MultiSense® Sweet Flavor. If you want to learn more about this product or you are going to purchase sweeteners, as stevia, organic erythritol, etc, you can contact us Niranbio now.




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