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Fumaric Acid(HWS)

This is the naturally occurring form found in fruits and vegetables. It is commonly referred to as trans-fumaric acid and is a biologically active form.

Fumaric Acid(CWS)

This form is less common in nature and is the cis-isomer of fumaric acid. It has similar chemical properties but differs in its geometric structure.


Fumaric Acid in the Feed Industry

Used as a feed acidifier, nutritional supplement, and growth promoter. Fumaric acid is usually added to the feed of chickens, ducks, and piglets. Also, E297 is a good acidulant and antifungal preservative.
  • Feed Acidulant: It can be used as a feed acidifier to lower the pH of feed, which helps improve the gastrointestinal health of livestock and poultry
  • Nutritional Supplement: Supplementing with fumaric acid can help improve the energy utilization efficiency of livestock and poultry, promoting growth and development.
  • Growth Promoter: Feed containing fumaric acid can promote the growth of livestock and poultry, increasing the yield of meat and eggs.
  • Improving Feed Quality: Fumaric acid can also be used to improve the quality of feed, making the minerals more readily absorbed and utilized by livestock and poultry.
  • Environmentally Friendly Additive: Compared with other chemically synthesized feed additives, fumaric acid is a more environmentally friendly choice.

Fumaric Acid in Other Industry

In addition to its many applications in the feed field, fumaric acid is also widely used in food and beverages, industry, cosmetics, etc. Here are some specific applications:
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Food additive E297 is utilized as an acidulant and pH modifier in a wide range of food and beverage formulations. It enhances flavor, adjusts acidity levels, and acts as a preservative in certain foods.
  • Industrial Applications: Fumaric acid is utilized in various industrial processes, including the production of resins, polymers, and plastics. It is also used in the manufacturing processes of printing inks, coatings, and adhesives.
  • Cosmetics: Fumaric acid is incorporated into cosmetic formulations for its exfoliating properties. It helps improve skin texture and promote cell turnover in skincare products like creams, lotions, and peels.
  • Cleaning Products: Thanks to its chelating capabilities, fumaric acid effectively eliminates mineral deposits, scale, and rust from surfaces. It finds application in household cleaning solutions like descalers and rust removers.
  • Agriculture: Fumaric acid can be employed in agriculture to amend the soil, adjust pH levels, and improve nutrient availability for optimal plant growth.


Fumaric Acid HWS

Regular Mesh
  • 30 to 100 mesh
  • 60 mesh
Custom Mesh
  • Depends on your needs

Fumaric Acid CWS

Regular Mesh
  • 325 mesh
Custom Mesh
  • Depends on your needs


  • What is fumaric acid?
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    It is an organic compound belonging to the dicarboxylic acid group. It is frequently encountered in natural sources and synthetically manufactured to serve diverse industrial purposes.

  • What is fumaric acid used for?
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    E297 serves multiple functions across various industries, functioning as an acidulant, pH adjuster, preservative, and flavor enhancer in food and beverage formulations. Additionally, it finds applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cleaning products, and agriculture.
  • What foods contain fumaric acid?
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    E297 is naturally present in various fruits and vegetables, with higher concentrations found in certain fruits like apples and grapes. It is also added to processed foods and beverages as a food additive.
  • What are the benefits of fumaric acid?
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    It offers several benefits, including enhancing flavor, adjusting acidity levels, and extending the shelf life of food products. It also functions as both a pH regulator and preservative in various applications.
  • Can fumaric acid be used in cosmetics?
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    Yes, food additive E297 is utilized in cosmetics and personal care products for its exfoliating properties. It helps improve skin texture and promote cell turnover in skincare formulations.
  • Where can I find fumaric acid?
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    Fumaric acid is available as a food additive and can be found in grocery stores, specialty food stores, and online retailers. It is also used in various products across different industries, including cosmetics and cleaning products.


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