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Malic acid, an organic acid naturally occurring in a variety of fruits, notably apples, is also synthetically produced for its application as a food additive. Recognized for its tart flavor, malic acid serves as a prevalent flavor enhancer, acidulant, and pH regulator within the food and beverage sector.

It is often added to sour candies, fruit-flavored beverages, and certain foods to provide a tart or sour flavor. Additionally, malic acid is sometimes used as a preservative, antioxidant, and texture modifier in processed foods.

E296 serves multiple functions in various applications, contributing to many consumer products’ flavor, stability, and sensory attributes. NIRAN Biochemical offers high-quality offers high-quality DL-Malic acid, D-Malic acid, and L-Malic acid powder to customers. We also provide you with complete wholesale solutions to save you time, effort, and money in purchasing.


Malic acid exists in two main forms: L-malic acid and D-malic acid. These variants are mirror images of one another, referred to as enantiomers, and possess distinct chemical configurations. L-malic acid and D-malic acid can be further processed to produce the DL-malic acid racemic mixture, which contains equal amounts of both enantiomers. This DL-malic acid is used in some industrial applications.

L-Malic Acid

L-Malic Acid

It is the naturally occurring isomer of malic acid, found in various fruits and vegetables, especially in apples. In the food and beverage sector, it's widely employed to boost flavor and regulate acidity.

D-Malic Acid

D-Malic Acid

This is the synthetic form of malic acid. While it has properties similar to L-malic acid, it is less commonly used in the food industry and primarily used in pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

DL-Malic Acid

DL-Malic Acid

It is a synthetic form of malic acid, combining both the D- and L-isomers. It's widely used in food and beverage as a flavor enhancer and preservative, and also in cosmetics for its skin-beneficial effects.


Malic acid serves several functions in various industries, and contributes to flavor enhancement, preservation, texture modification, and pH regulation, particularly in the food and beverage sector. Here are its primary functions:

Functions of Malic Acid


Malic acid finds extensive use in food, beverage, personal care, industrial, agricultural, and chemical applications, contributing to flavor, preservation, texture, and functionality in a wide range of products. Here are some of its primary applications:

Food and Beverage Industry

Applications of Malic Acid

Personal Care Products

Industrial Applications


Chemical Industry



It occurs naturally as an organic acid in fruits, especially apples, and is recognized for its tangy flavor. It's frequently employed as a food additive.

It is naturally present in various fruits, including apples, cherries, and grapes. It is present in smaller amounts in additional fruits and vegetables.

It has several uses, including flavor enhancement in foods and beverages, acidity regulation, pH adjustment, and preservation. Additionally, it finds application in personal care items and pharmaceutical formulations.

Yes, malic acid (E296) is typically vegan as it is derived from plant-based sources, particularly fruits.

It is thought to offer potential health advantages, including encouraging saliva production, aiding digestion, and enhancing oral health. Nevertheless, further research is required to comprehensively grasp its health impacts.

Yes, it can be used in cooking and baking to add tartness to dishes. It's commonly used in recipes for sauces, dressings, marinades, and desserts.

Indeed, the chelating characteristics of malic acid contribute to its effectiveness in eliminating mineral deposits, scale, and rust from various surfaces. It's used in household cleaning products like descalers for coffee makers and dishwashers.

Malic acid is available as a food additive and can be found in grocery stores, specialty food stores, and online retailers. Additionally, it is utilized in a diverse array of products, spanning from foods and beverages to personal care items and cleaning products.


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