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The role and dosage of xanthan gum on food

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Application: Salad sauce

Dosage: 0.1 -0.5%

Function: Provide easy flow and good adhesion; Suspended spices


Application: bakery products

Dosage: 0.05 – 0.30%

Function: Binds moisture and improves texture


Application: Beverages

Dosage: 0.05 – 0.20%

Function: improve taste; Suspended fruit pulp


Application: Ready-to-eat food

Dosage: 0.05 -0.2%

Function: improve the main material,Viscosity that can be formed quickly in hot and cold water


Application: Prepared foods

Dosage: 0.1 -0.3% 

Function: stabilizer; Prevents dehydration


Application: Stocks, sauces and gravies

Dosage: 0.05 -0.5%

Function: Prevent stratification; Provides good temperature stability


Application: Frozen food

Dosage: 0.05 -0.2%

Function: Provides smooth texture;Provides good freezing/thawing stability


Application: Dairy

Dosage: 0.05 -0.2%

Function: inhibit dehydration; Stabilize the emulsion


Application: Topping ingredients

Dosage: 0.05 -0.3%

Function: Stabilizes foam and emulsion;Provides good flow and adhesion


Application: Meat products

Dosage: 0.2 -0.5%

Function: Binding water; Inhibits dehydration

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