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The role of sodium bicarbonate in food

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In the ingredients section of the supermarket, you will find a white powder that is loved by many consumers, which is baking soda. Baking soda is the common name of sodium bicarbonate. It is an acid salt formed by the neutralization of a strong base and a weak acid. It is weakly alkaline when dissolved in water. Edible baking soda is often present as a leavening agent in the food preparation process. Baking soda is a food additive that can be used in various foods and beverages.

The role of sodium bicarbonate in food:

1. Promote starch gelatinization

When cooking porridge daily, adding some baking soda can promote the water absorption and gelatinization of starch, and promote the dissolution of gluten in the outer layer of starch granules, so that the cooked porridge is not only easy to cook, but also more viscous. However, it should be noted that the addition of baking soda will make the flavonoids in the stock material change from colorless to yellow, so the porridge cooked with baking soda will turn light yellow and have a special alkaline taste. This may destroy the fragrance of the porridge itself.

2. Help fermentation

When making steamed buns, steamed buns and other pastries, the addition of baking soda can neutralize the acidic substances produced by over-fermentation, help generate gas, and help fermentation. The alkali also makes the starch easier to bake or steam, the same principle as porridge. The alkali-added pasta is loose and porous, but adding too much baking soda will reduce the aroma produced by the fermentation of the pasta. When too much alkali is added, the pasta will take on a little yellow color, which is more obvious when the addition is uneven.

3. Help the pastry to be more crispy

We add some baking soda when making pastries, such as cakes and biscuits. The function is similar to that mentioned above. It helps to generate gas, makes the cake body more fluffy, tastes better, and also makes the biscuits more crispy. Not easy to get wet, etc.

4. Help meat retain moisture

The isoelectric point of meat protein is generally in weak acid conditions, and the water absorption of meat is the worst at this time. If baking soda is added, the meat protein can be charged more and the affinity between meat and water can be enhanced. This way the meat is more juicy and tender when cooked.


In addition to being edible, baking soda is also a simple cleaning product that is very useful for household daily cleaning.


Dissolving baking soda in water can be used for cleaning fruits and vegetables, kitchen utensils, the interior of microwave ovens, chopping boards and other common kitchen items. Dip baking soda with a cleaning sponge and directly wash it to remove the odor of plastic tableware and clean cups. Tea stains, coffee stains, etc. that are difficult to remove. Soaking kitchen sponges, tablecloths, etc. in baking soda can also help remove odors, safely and efficiently.

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