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What is the Application of Resistant Dextrin ?

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What is the Application of Resistant Dextrin ?

1.Food: used in dairy foods, meat foods, baked goods, pasta, seasoning foods, etc. Application in dairy products: resistant dextrins can be simply added to dietary fiber fortified milk beverages like sugar, without affecting the original flavor of the food; resistant dextrins have a similar taste to fat and low calories. It can be used as a substitute for a portion of sugar or fat to prepare low-calorie ice cream, low-fat yogurt drinks, and the like. The addition of resistant dextrin allows the biological functions of lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, and other beneficial intestinal bacteria to be fully utilized. Generated a great effect of multiplication.

Application in infants and young children:

Infants and young children, especially bifidobacterium in the body after weaning, are rapidly declining, leading to diarrhea, anorexia, stunting, and reduced utilization of nutrients. Consumption of water-soluble resistant dextrin foods can increase the utilization of nutrients. And promote the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements.

Application in noodles: 

Adding different types of dietary fiber to bread, taro, rice, and noodles can increase and improve bread color. Adding 3% to 6% of the dietary fiber content of the flour can strengthen the dough's gluten and leave the basket. Steamed bread has a good taste and special flavor; biscuit baking has very low-quality requirements for flour gluten, which facilitates the addition of resistant dextrins in large proportions, and is more conducive to the production of various health-care cookies based on fiber function; cakes are produced in the production process. A large amount of moisture will solidify into a soft product when baking, affecting the quality, water-soluble resistant dextrin added to the cake, can keep the product soft and moist, increase the shelf life, extend the shelf storage time.

Application in meat products: 

Resistant dextrin as dietary fiber can absorb aromas and prevent the volatilization of aroma substances. The addition of a certain amount of dietary fiber can increase the product yield, enhance the taste and quality; The water-soluble dietary fiber can be used as an excellent fat substitute to produce high protein, high dietary fiber, low fat, low salt, low calorie and health care Functional ham.

2.Medicines: health foods, fillers, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.

3.Industrial manufacturing: petroleum, manufacturing, agricultural products, batteries, precision castings, etc.

4.Tobacco products: flavored, antifreeze moisturizers that can replace glycerin as cut tobacco.

5.Cosmetics: facial cleansers, beauty creams, lotions, shampoos, masks, etc.

6.Feed: Canned pets, animal feed, aquatic feed, vitamin feed, veterinary medicine products, etc.


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