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Is calcium propionate harmful to the human body?

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What is calcium propionate?

Calcium propionate is a natural organic salt formed by the reaction of calcium hydroxide and propionic acid

A food additive found in many foods to help preserve a variety of foods, especially baked goods

It acts as a preservative, helping to extend shelf life by interfering with the production and reproduction of microorganisms

Although calcium propionate is good for food manufacturers, you may wonder if calcium propionate is safe to eat

What are the applications of propionic acid?

Baked goods: bread, pastries, muffins

Beverages: soft drinks, fruit drinks, etc

Dairy products: cheese, milk powder, whey, yogurt, etc

Processed meats: hot dogs, ham, lunch meat, etc

Is it safe to eat?

Related studies show that calcium propionate is a safe preservative, in fact, there is no case of long-term intake of bread containing calcium propionate on the human body. The FDA has studied calcium propionate extensively before it was classified as "recognized as safe." In addition, WHO and FAO have not yet established an acceptable daily intake, which means that it is considered to be a very low risk. One animal study showed that feeding rats 1-3 grams of calcium propionate daily for 4-5 weeks had no effect on growth. Similarly, a 1-year study of mice showed that eating a diet containing 4% calcium propionate was no toxic to a diet higher than the percentage consumed per day. Most laboratory studies on calcium propionate and toxicity are negative, except for some that use very high amounts. For example, in one of the studies, researchers injected large amounts of calcium propionate into the yolk sac of chicken embryos, causing abnormalities. It's also worth noting that your body doesn't store calcium propionate, which means it doesn't build up in your cells. Instead, the substance is broken down by the digestive tract and is easily absorbed, metabolized and cleared.


Summary of calcium propionate

Calcium propionate is an organic salt used as a food additive

It helps preserve food by interfering with the growth and multiplication of microorganisms such as molds, bacteria and fungi

The safety of calcium propionate has been widely studied, and it is basically safe and harmless to the human body in the case of quantitative use without excessive abuse

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