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Liquid Malt Extract

  • 8002-48-0

  • 1000 kg

  • 15~20days

  • Jiangsu


  • 2 Years




Test Result
Code 8101 8102 8103
Appearance Brown viscous liquid Brown viscous liquid dark brown viscous liquid
Odour and Flavor Pleasant and characteristic malt flavour, slightly sweet
Dry Solid,% 75-85
Protein (dry basis),%  ≥4.2
DE value,% 30-60
Color when fresh, EBC 5-15 7-25 35-45
pH Value (10% solution) 5.0-6.0
Acidity,ml/10g ≤18.0
Sulphate Ash,% ≤2.7
SO2 Residues,g/kg ≤0.04
Lead (as Pb), mg/kg ≤0.5
Total arsenic(as As), mg/kg ≤1.0
Copper(as Cu), mg/kg ≤5.0
Aerobic plate count, cfu/g ≤3000
Coliforms, MPN/g ≤0.3
Salmonella Undetectable
Shigella Undetectable
Staphylococcus aureus Undetectable



Product Specification

Product Name:Liquid Malt Extract

CAS No.:8002-48-0

Appearance:Brown viscous liquid

Packaging:25 kg /drum or 290 kg/Barrel Corrugated box

Shelf Life:2 years stored in room temperature

Test Basis: FCC IV

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