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CAS 50-70-4 Liquid Powder Sorbitol
  • 50-70-4

  • C6H14O6

  • 500 kg

  • 15~20days

  • Jiangsu

  • ISO,Kosher,Halal,IP(Non-GMO)

  • 2 Years

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Specification table sorbitol powder
Test Result
Appearance White or nearly white powder, without any impurities that can be seen by eye
Odour and Taste No unusual odour, a sweet taste
Assay, in % Min 98.5
Water, in % Max 1.0
Total sugar, in % Max 0.3
pH in 50% DS Aqua sol 5.0-7.0
Resistivity, in µs/cm Max 10
Reducing sugars, in % Max 0.10
Nickel, in mg/kg Max 1.0
Iron, in mg/kg Max 1.0
Chloride, in mg/kg Max 10
Sulphate, in mg/kg Max 20
Heavy metals(as Pb), in mg/kg Max 5.0
Sulphated ash, in % Max0.1
Total count/g Max 100
Particle size 10-20, 20-60, 50-120 mesh

Specification table sorbitol syrup
Test Result
Appearance White or nearly white syrup, without any impurities that can be seen by eye
Dry substance, in % 69.0-71.0
Sorbitol content, in % ≥50
pH 5.0-7.5
Density (20°C), in g/ml 1.285-1.315
Reducing sugar, in % ≤0.21
Total sugar, in % ≤8.0
Arsenic(As) , in % ≤0.0002
Lead (Pb), in % ≤0.0001
Heavy mental (count Pb), in % ≤0.0005
Chloride, in % ≤0.001
Sulphate, in % ≤0.005
Nickel, in % ≤0.0002
Residue on ignition, in % ≤0.10
Total bacillus, in cfu/g ≤1000
Mold and Yeast, in cfu/g ≤100






Powder for Sodium saccharin

Package:25 kg net kraft per bag for powder

Shelf Life:2 years

Form:Powder Form

Usage:Daily Flavor


As a sweetener, is sorbitol harmful for humans?

Sorbitol is perfectly fit for human consumption. It is free from any harmful or toxic substances, and it does not contain any foreign matters.

What is the MOQ for sorbitol?

For sorbitol powder, the MOQ is 500 kg.

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