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The Function of Lysine in Fish Feed

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Lysine is one of the essential amino acids in almost all fishes that research has shown so far, because most plant-based protein feeds generally lack lysine and other essential amino acids. Therefore, the use of lysine additives in fish compound feeds plays a very important role. The addition of synthetic lysine can improve the nutritional value of plant protein feeds, and is also an effective way to improve the economic value of feeds and the utilization of feed resources.

For the growth of fish, lysine plays an extremely important role.

Lysine can affect the amount of protein deposition, maintain the balance of amino acids in the body, and participate in the synthesis of body proteins such as skeletal muscle, enzymes and peptide hormones. Lysine is one of the ketogenic amino acids. When there is a lack of available carbohydrates, it participates in the metabolism of ketone bodies and glucose (in fasting conditions, it is one of the important energy sources) and maintains acid-base balance in the body. As a precursor of synthetic carnitine, it participates in fat metabolism, can control the amount of fat deposition in fishes, reduce the quality of protein used for energy, and is conducive to protein synthesis.

Lysine can also improve the body's ability to resist stress, and it also has a certain impact on the immune system of fish. 

Appropriate addition of lysine to the feed can significantly increase the number of red blood cells in the body, and red blood cells, as important immune cells in fish, can enhance the immune function of fish. The content of lysine is also closely related to the development of immune central organs such as head kidney and spleen of fish. 

The effect of lysine in improving the immune function of fish still needs more in-depth research.

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