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Glucose Syrup

  • 8029-43-4

  • 500 kg

  • 15~20days

  • Jiangsu

  • BP98 / KOSHER / ISO 9001/ HACCP

  • 2 Years

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Test Result
Appearance Colourless or light yellow syrup, without any impurities that can be seen by eye.
Odour and Taste No unusual odour or smell, no unusual taste.
Solid substance, in % 75-84
DE 41-60
pH 4.0-6.0
Transmittance (426nm) Min 94
Coke temperature, in °C Max 125
Ash, in % Max 0.3
Lead, in ppm Max 0.5ppm
As, in ppm Max 0.5ppm
Bacterium total, in cfu/g Max 1000
E.coli, in cfu/100g Max 30
Pathogen Not detective


Product Specification

Product: Glucose Syrup

CAS: 8029-43-4

Formula: C6H12O6

Appearance: Colorless or light yellow syrup without the impurity that can be
seen by eye

Odor and Taste: No unusual odor and Clear sweet, no stink, no unusual taste.

Quality: Fit for human consumption. Free form any harmful or toxic
substances. Free from foreign matter.

Package: Designate, cleaned 280kg plastic drum each.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Storage: Stored in room temperature.

Why choose NIRANBIO's Glucose syrup?

1. We offer a high quality product with a high solid substance (above 75%-84%);

2. Small packages are available;

3. Our products are completely GMO free;

4. We offer flexible payment terms, pre-shipment inspection and a full insurance system. 



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