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How we can do to improve animals heathy ?

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How we can do to improve animals heathy ?

How we can do to improve animals heathy ?


A farm animal health plan is an active management tool aimed at promoting the health and welfare of farm animals by setting out disease prevention, detection and management procedures. It should be based on farm specific issues and at its most basic, it should be ensure that illness, injury and mortality amongst farmed animals are at minimum levels. More progressively, it should also be seen as providing procedures that promote positive health and welfare.

Best Practice Outdoor Feeding Management

There are specific requirements to effectively manage feeding in outdoor units.

  • Extra feed will be needed in cold, wet weather.

  • Feeding should be carried out early and late during hot weather.

  • Feed should be spread out over an area large enough to avoid undue poaching of the feed face.

  • Quick feeding methods should be used to avoid stress.

  • Adequate spreading of feed should be ensured to avoid aggression and stress

  • Reduce nutrient loss by feeding reduced nitrogen feeds, keep low stocking rates and regularly move housing, feed and water troughs.

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