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Organic Stevia

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Organic Stevia

Organic Stevia


How many organic products does Niranbio have?

Today, let's see Organic Stevia .

The best table sugar which is very popular in USA , EUROPE , AUSTRALIA and many countries. 



What’s the functions of “ORGANIC STEVIA” ?

1. Stevia helps solve various skin problems;

2.Stevia can control high blood pressure and blood sugar levels;

3.Stevia helps lose weight and reduce cravings for fatty foods;

4. Stevia anti-bacterial properties help prevent minor illness and cure minor wounds;

5.Adding stevia to your mouthwash or toothpaste results in improved oral health;

6.Stevia induced beverages lead to improved digestion and gastrointestinal functions besides providing relief from upset stomachs.

What’s the Applications of “ORGANIC STEVIA” ?

a) Dairy – Ice Cream, Yoghurt

b) Beverages– Water,tea drinks

c) Confectionery –reduced sugar

d) Bread & Baked Goods

e) health products


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