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What Is Citric Acid?

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Citric acid is an important organic acid, colorless crystal, has a strong acid taste, soluble in water.

The source,

Citric acid comes from both natural and synthetic sources.

Natural citric acid is found in the bones, muscles and blood of plants and animals, and is widely distributed in nature.

The synthetic citric acid is caused by the fermentation direction of sacchariferous substances such as sugar and flour, which can be divided into anhydrous and hydrates.

Application scope,

Citric acid has many USES in the food, chemical and cosmetic industries. It is often used as acid agent and antioxidant in the food industry. It is widely used in drinks, jams, cakes and other products.


First, It is used as a sour agent, solvent enhancing agent, buffer agent, deodorizer, flavor enhancing agent, gelatinizer, toner, etc.

Second, it can inhibit bacteria and protect color to improve flavor.

Third, it has chelation, which can remove some harmful metals.

Fourthly, it has the function of inhibiting oxidation.

Warm hint, citric acid is edible acid, can enhance the normal metabolism in the body.Moderate dose, harmless to human body, good taste after adding citric acid in some foods, can promote appetite, national standards and can be used for all kinds of food, according to the production demand appropriate use.

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