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What is clear xanthan gum

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What is clear xanthan gum

Transparent xanthan gum (highly transparent xanthan gum) is a monomeric polysaccharide produced by the fermentation of pseudoxanthanum. It is a white or light beige powder. The aqueous solution has the characteristics of high transparency, good thickening, suspension performance, and controllable rheological pseudo plasticity. . The transparent xanthan gum solution presents a state similar to the clear water solution, with good transparency, good stability, and high viscosity. The application in food is mainly used in some products that require high system transparency, such as jellies, jams, toothpaste, beauty moisturizers, condiments, etc.

Transparent xanthan gum advantages

The total number of transparent xanthan gum colonies is low, and the stability of the enzymatic reaction makes the product less susceptible to decomposition and deterioration.

Transparent xanthan gum, with high transparency, can be used to produce highly transparent products such as masks, transparent toothpaste, transparent jelly, transparent sauces, transparent shampoos/conditioners, and other products.

The low concentration solution of transparent xanthan gum has a very high viscosity, bringing delicate tissue and a pleasant taste to the product, and improving the release of flavor.

Transparent xanthan gum has extremely high pseudo-plasticity and shear thinning properties, facilitating the processing, storage, and flow of special products.

Transparent xanthan gum has good resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts, and can be used in daily chemical products with high pHs, such as toilet cleaners, cleaners, etc.

Clear xanthan gum is a natural and non-GMO product that is ideal for all-natural cosmetics


The difference between ordinary xanthan gum

Transparent xanthan gum is an upgraded version of ordinary xanthan gum. The production process of high-transparency xanthan gum has been strictly designed, and the production process control is stricter than that of ordinary xanthan gum. The product has better transparency and more stable performance. It is used in high transparency requirements. High-end daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries, can improve product quality.

With the gradual increase in the international demand for transparent xanthan gum and the further improvement of product quality requirements, the research and development of key technologies for the production of new transparent xanthan gum and the realization of large-scale industrial applications are important for improving the popularity of my country's polysaccharide industry in the international market. Competitiveness has urgent practical implications.


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